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Check back soon for our next continuing education and social events! 

If you are interested in being a speaker for a continuing education workshop, please contact Tamara Latawiec, PsyD at for more information about the process.  Additionally, please familiarize yourself with the NJPA approval process by learning more here.

Get involved!


2017 November: MINUTES

2018 February: MINUTES

2018 April: MINUTES

2018 September: MINUTES

2018 December: MINUTES

2018 Business Meeting: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS

2019 March: MINUTES

2019 June: MINUTES

2019 November: MINUTES

2019 Business Meeting: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS 

2020 February: MINUTES

2020 May: MINUTES

2020 December: MINUTES 

2020 Business Meeting: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS

2021 December: MINUTES

2021 Business Meeting: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS

2022 May: MINUTES

2022 December: MINUTES coming soon

2022 Business Meeting: PRESIDENT'S REMARKS


Next meeting TBD


Have fun with us!


6/10/18: Welcome Luncheon

10/28/18: Wine and Cheese Tasting

1/13/19: New Year's Brunch

2/23/19: Mindfulness CE Workshop

4/14/19: Dinner with NJPA Leadership

7/14/19: Mansions Boat Cruise

9/28/19: Opioid CE Workshop

11/17/19: Eating Issues CE Workshop

1/5/20: New Year's Brunch

2/23/20: Complicated Grief CE Workshop

6/4/21: Emetophobia CE Workshop

11/19/21: Implicit Bias CE Workshop

7/23/22: Fox Hollow Vineyard Social

10/7/22: Child Abuse and Neglect CE Workshop

5/13/23: Oak Hill Farms Social

10/13/23: Neurodivergence Workshop

10/28/23: Seafarer Social

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